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online resources for Old testament study

There are many resources for biblical study on the web but it is not always easy to distinguish the helpful from the less than helpful, or the good from the bad without spending a lot of time. I hope that the brief selection below will give you a starting point or two from sites that I believe helpful.

A basic introduction to the biblical story line. What's in it? What's it all about?

Reading the Old Testament: An Introduction to the Hebrew Bible by Barry L. Bandstra. An extensive introduction to the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible. A good place to start is with the overview of the Biblical story itself then go to the sections on individual biblical books.

Bible Tutor by Luther Publications is published at two levels, basic and advanced. It provides a detailed overview of the biblical story. The basic level is freely available online for 'guests'. The advanced programme needs to be purchased.

Information on people, places, events etc. in the Bible see either The Postmodern Bible Dictionary or the Jewish site, Navigating the Bible (alternatively go to their home page, select English language then tools/reference).

Maps of ancient Israel and the ancient Near East see either the Bible History site (click on ‘Maps and Geography) or the Oriental Institute of Chicago University map series (scroll down and click 'The Levant' then click 'Oriental Map Series').

More advanced resources :
Scholarly articles on Old Testament topics. Selected articles can be found at The Bible and Interpretation, Old Testament Gateway hosted by Tabor College, and Also see the Bible Topics/Old Testament section of The Voice: Biblical and Theological Resources for Growing Christians.
Note Ralph Klein's website. It is full of helpful information for the serious student of the Old Testament. He has some excellent illustrated timelines for the various periods of ancient Israel (click on the drop down window titled ‘Old Testament’ and select 'History Tables (OT and ANE)').

The work Old Testament Life and Literature by G.A. Larue is somewhat dated now (1968) but presents a scholarly view still held in places. Other online resources are available through the Society of Biblical Literature. Go to and select 'Resources/Web Resources'.

There is a basic Glossary of those confusing theological terms, including many biblical ones, available to the general public on the website for Trinity Theological School, Trinity College, University of Melbourne. Another handy glossary of general theological terms can be found at the Australian Theological Forum site.

Photos of Israel – landscape, people, places etc. – see:

Holy Land Photos or Life in the Holy Land.