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Personal Resources relating to the Old Testament/hebrew bible
(This is to be periodically updated and expanded. If there is something you would like to see here contact me and I will see what I can do.)

General Index
General information on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Resources on particular biblical Books
General information
Important Old Testament passages(for those who are less familiar with the content of the Old Testament, an introduction to some important passages and the variety of books in the Old Testament.)
A summary of the story of Israel
Further resources
A chronological chart of ancient Near East
Doing Exegesis
Recommended commentaries on the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Biblical Studies software and Bible versions on the web.

The Hebrew Bible: ancient versions, ancient Jewish translations, and modern English translations (this page lists the main ancient versions and Jewish translations of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament as well as giving a handy chart of Twentieth Century English translations showing the relationships between many of the translations)
Some notes on the various canons and translations of the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible

The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible and history
The Old Testament/Hebrew Bible view of the cosmos
Covenant and law in the Old Testament/Hebrew Bible
Reading Hebrew poetry
Types of prophetic texts

The authority of Scripture

Biblical books (being updated)
What is the Pentateuch?
Sources for the Pentateuch